This modern house represents a complete answer for a demanding attitude to life. Elegance and fascination does not contradict the materials, individuality or nature, but is complementary to it. Transparency, craftsmanship, use of modern technology and diversity allows the house to be unique.


Glasshouse idea is modern open room solution, which plans and room solutions are thanks to glue laminated timber construction easy to change according to customer’s needs and desires.

Mixture of glue laminated timber and a lot of glass together with the structural posts + beam framework create the house’s character. The walls do not restrict you but create both horizontally as well as vertically a spatial structure which achieves the required openness. Due to the full room height glazing, a transparent, simple and yet functional piece of architecture provides an open and dynamic atmosphere. Construction bases on glue laminated timber beams and posts, which are equally divided on the degree of symmetry. Black timber post + beam framing glass and panels.

The house has two floors:

FIRST FLOOR has spacious living-room and kitchen with the open aatrium and access to a large terrace, entrance, bedroom, storageroom, bathroom and sauna.

ON SECOND FLOOR there is a spacious aatrium and a lounge, two bedrooms and toilet.


Wall: 150 mm constructional beam and additional 50 mm additional insulation – total wall insulation 200 mm insulation. In addition windproof plate and windproof folio.

20 mm rooflists for ventilation. Weatherproof decorative plates on outside walls. Gypsum on inside walls.

Floor construction: poured monolithic fundament and separately standing monolithic concrete plate. Floor is insulated with 200mm of polystyrene thermal insulation plates. Underfloor heating cables are used in separate rooms.
Roofceilings: 200mm ceiling beams and 50 mm additional insulation – total 250 mm insulation. Ceilings finished with painted inside boarding. Outside covered with rain- and windproof material and 100 mm airing. On top high-quality German clay roof tile from Nelskamp Nibra product line.

Windows: wooden frames doubleglass argonfilled windows, 6+4 tempered glass. In every room window can be opened and ventilation by window. Main glassdoor which opens onto the terrace and kitchen glass door wich opens onto the terrace. Glass door on hems that opens onto the terrace. Terrace round the house with glass barrier. Terrace is on the same level with the ground.

Area covered by a building:82,5 m2

1st floor neto: 72,0 m2

2nd floor neto: 52,8 m2

Total neto: 124,8 m2

1st floor bruto: 83,2 m2

2nd floor bruto: 52,8 m2

Total bruto: 136 m2

House cubage: 340 m3

House measures 10,9x8,6x5,5 m

Roof ridge is 5,5 m